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Save vs Plot

So we had this idea.  You remember 1st/2nd edition Dungeons and Dragons?  Those were great games.  You remember the old, “Save vs poison or die” mechanic?  That rocked.

What am I talking about?  Well, we think that the “Save vs X” mechanic was really good.  We aren’t 100% happy with the new way 4E does the same sort of thing.  So, instead of playing 1st/2nd/3rd edition D&D, we’ve decided to create our own system, based ENTIRELY off the “Save vs X” mechanic.

More to come later.  We’ll keep you posted.

You think we’re crazy?  WE’LL SHOW YOU! MWAHAHAHAHAHA!

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12 February, 2010 Leave a comment

I saw a game once.  Well, I call it a game – it had a winner, but that was about all that was similar to any other game I’d seen.  It was called, “It’s a Trap!”.  Star Wars may have been watched before it’s creation.  In this “game” each player took a rack of scrabble tiles, and took it in turns to take a random tile from the pool.  If the tile you picked contained one of the letters from the phrase, “It’s a Trap!”, you added it to your rack, otherwise you returned it to the pool.  The first person to complete the phrase was the “winner”.

This sounded crap, and we thought the name deserved more.  We decided to take it upon ourselves to do better.  You know, in between lectures, when we had a few spare minutes.  Half an hour later, we had our working principle.

Build a dungeon.  Fill it with traps.  Kill adventurers, before they kill you.

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