So, if you’ve come to this page, you probably want to know more about us.  Well, there’s not much to know.  We’re students, and we like games.  Being students, we’re dead broke.  We do what we can with the games we have, but sometimes it just isn’t enough.  When that happens, we get carried away, and start making new ones.  Obviously, we have more ideas than we can possibly work on, but that’s OK, since most of them get shot out of the water by one or the other of us.  Those which survive go through a proofing phase, which involves discussing them while walking home with nothing better to do.  If they ever get mentioned again after that one walk, then they might possibly go somewhere.

Incidentally, we’re real people too.  I’m Chris, and when I’m not being a game designer, I play board games, run roleplaying games, and try to persuade myself that I’ve put in enough work to my maths degree.  It doesn’t always work, and that’s generally when I end up actually doing real life stuff.

Greg, the other half of the design team, has far more ideas than is strictly necessary, and has to spin them off into game design and, less frequently, GMing RPGs. Sometimes they’re even useful, and end up aiding his Computer Science work. Infrequently, that is. He also enjoys writing in the third person.

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