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More event card fun

After we’d settled on a nice set of numbers to be using, we had another nice idea, which threw them out again.  We thought it would be nice if, when you drew a card, you could choose to take the top card of the discard pile instead.  This added another element of tactics to the game, and after playtesting it a couple of times, we found we really liked it.  There were a couple of issues to be worked out, but we fixed most of them with one fell swoop.  The main problem was this: We have event cards that have an effect, and then let you draw a card.   For example, one of our most basic event cards, “ZAP!”, injures one adventurer, and then you draw a card.  We had one playtester try to play “ZAP!”, injure an adventurer, and then pick “ZAP!” straight back up again.

Obviously this is ridiculously broken.  We fixed it easily by saying that event cards don’t hit the discard pile until they have completely resolved,  thus preventing that sort of abuse.  It did leave one door open though, and that was for chains of event cards that let you pick up cards.  This wasn’t much of a problem, as several of them also made you discard a card, which clogged up the discard pile and made it harder to pull off silly combos.  Those which didn’t, we fixed by changing the card.

Event cards had just become significantly more fun to play with, as there was a lot more opportunity to use them.  One in particular, “Salvage”, made at least 5 appearances in one game.

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