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Look at all those deadlines

Well apologies for that brief break in posting. Sometimes we actually get uni work done! But on with the development of It’s a Trap:

Playing for a while with event cards, it added a lot to the game; people could actually interact! But, it turned out, not as much as we thought. People mostly used event cards on themselves to protect a good trap, or to save the group as a whole, but there wasn’t much playing to beat other players.

So we got our evil on.

Event cards were made nastier. Salvage, previously taking a single component from a trap now made that trap misfire as well. Illusionary got a couple of nasty features added. Several had draw a card added. Coffee break made people actually miss turns instead of forcing them to pass.

Fun times.

In addition, we redesigned the Lame cards: a set of 6 cards that just added a misfire and draw a card. Instead of forcing them to be added to someone else’s trap as your entire turn, they could now be added at “instant” speed; any time that a trap wasn’t resolving. This played really nicely, so we expanded the mechanic to the ‘of’ cards, allowing them to be added to a trap as (potentially) required. With this change, the stranger ones became a good tool for both your own score or reducing other people’s, and the more normal ones became surprisingly more popular, as they could be used to block the more potent ones before they could be added.

Within a couple of games using these new rules, players were being a lot more cutthroat to maximse their score, and not a few games were lost by everyone as the scorned got their revenge (feel free to insert your own image of us maniacally laughing here).

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